Do you own a tractor? Have a sugaring business? Cows? Horse? Sheep? Do you allow others to hay your field? Do you hay your own field? Are you a dairy? Cheese maker?

You are eligible for The Frazer Agency‘s farm product!  A comprehensive policy covering your farm or hobby farm exposure from top to bottom.  Don’t run the risk of your regular homeowner policy not covering a claim!

We can cover most any farm exposure small or large.  We specialize in dairy farms, sugaring exposures, and hay.  Our agency is a Certified On Your Side Agency.  We have been trained to help determine how to control losses and cover your farm correctly.

We have partnered with the Vermont Farm Bureau as the sponsoring insurance company.

The Frazer Agency is a Master Farm Certified Agency.  We have attained the Master level through trainings and certifications.  Stuart Farnham is highly trained to assess your needs as a farmer, whether small or large, and provide you with a quote to fit all your needs and wants.

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