house-with-clouds2.jpg Homeowners insurance protects your house, your property, and you.  One of the most important parts of homeowners insurance is making sure the home is Insured to Value.  When you insure your house, you need to insure for the amount of money required to build the same like, kind, and quality of home you have now, in case of a loss.  If your home is underinsured, and you have a total loss, you might end up paying out of pocket expenses to rebuild your home.

The Frazer Agency has a tool to help calculate the reconstruction cost of a home.  We will virtually walk through your home with you and discuss the construction of your home.  Things like countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinets, flooring, heating/cooling systems, etc. all factor into the reconstruction cost.  The whole process takes roughly ten minutes and we then have the information to insure your home to value.

Condo and Tenant Insurance

We all live somewhere, and if it’s not in a house, it’s probably a condo or an apartment.  Coverage for liability and your personal property is needed in condos or apartments.  The association or landlord’s policy for the dwelling will not cover personal items in the event of a loss.

In some instances, a condo owner is responsible for insurance from the “studs in” inside the condo.  This can impact the amount of personal property insurance needed on a condo policy.  It is important to read the association documents to know how you need to insure your condo.

Tenant or renters insurance provides coverage for liability and personal property in the apartment.  These policies are very important for the simple reason accidents happen and you need your property covered and replaced in the event of a loss.

For further information on Homeowners, Tenant, or Condo Insurance check out our brochure.

Flood Insurance

Another important feature to homeowners protection is a Flood Insurance Policy.  Flood insurance is sold separately from a homeowners policy and is intended to cover flood, which is not covered in your homeowners policy.  For more information on flood insurance visit:

For more information on any of these options, contact us or request a quote today.

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